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Printable Father’s Day Labels in Chalkboard Style

Printable Fathers Day Labels Printable Father's Day Labels I’ve been having such a great time this week designing vintage chalkboard labels for Father’s Day that I kept going. . . and going. So, if your father likes his beer and wine, I have you covered. If he is a sweets guy, I have those labels too. If he is the BBQ king, I have labels for that. And if he loves his sauces, pickles or any other homemade food, there are labels to dress up your jars. This batch of printables also comes with round 2 inch jar lid labels and coaster labels. I also included a cute hang tag. For the coaster and hang tag labels, I simply stuck them onto a piece of corrugated board and trimmed. Too fun! All these designs print onto full sheet label paper and can be downloaded below. Go bake your dad (or your kid’s dad) a batch of his favorite cookies or whip up his favorite bar-b-que sauce. These labels will add the perfect final touch! Cheers ~ Lia

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Printable Fathers Day Bottle Labels Printable Fathers Day BBQ Labels Printable Fathers Day Sweets Labels Printable Fathers Day Jar Labels Fathers Day Beer Wine Labels Beer&WineLabelsweetbutton JarLabelbutton coasterlabelbutton

  1. Hi Lia. Can you please make a free template exactly like these for a beer bottle that says “Thank you Coach”?

  2. Love them all, thanks for sharing your work, they are really appreciated.

  3. What a treat! Thank you so much. I’ll be ready for Father’s Day next year. Your work is fabulous.

  4. Thank you so much for generously offering these! They are sure to bring a smile to my husband’s face when he gets home from work this evening and sees the back patio! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Thank you…these are great! Printing them out for tomorrow!!

  6. Wow! These are absolutely *adorable* and I love your designs. Thank you very much for sharing these. You are incredibly talented! I wanted to use a label for a gift tomorrow, but each file I downloaded opens with this error message. :-( “Adobe Reader could not open ‘FathersDaySweetsLabels.pdf’ because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn’t correctly decoded).” Has anyone else had this issue? I’m on a PC – were these designed on a Mac and would that make a difference?

    • Hi Stephanie, No one has reported an issue with the download. Try installing Adobe Acrobat on your computer first. It is a free software that will open the PDF. That may work. If not, let me know and we can see what else we can do to make it work for you.

  7. I love, love, love, all the things you share. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  8. found your tutorial on pinterest, YOU ARE SO AWESOME! thank you!!

  9. These are fantastic! I wasn’t even planning on baking something until I saw the sweets label!

  10. I was trying to find something cute and creative at the last minute, you saved my rear!! Thank you these are awesome!

  11. how exactly do you put them on the beer bottles? Glue? … sorry I couldn’t find a tutorial on it =]

  12. OH.MY.WORD…..these are perfect! Seriously, job well done — these will spread lots of Father’s Day cheer for a lot of people this weekend!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    And I am SO GLAD I googled “father’s day chalkboard” this morning and found your site!!!!!!! I’m obsessed! I’ll definitely be following along! :)

    • I am so happy I changes them from kraft to chalkboard at the last minute so that you could find them. :-) I LOVE your blog Darci! New besties! :-)

  13. Oh ! tots molt macos, no sabia que ara és el dia
    del pare allà on tu vius, aquí a Catalunya és el 19 de Març dia de Sant Josep i patró dels fusters també.
    Petons i que el passeu molt bé !

    • I think Father’s Day may be different all over the world. As another reader commented, Australia has theirs in September. As long as all fathers are remembered. :-)

  14. These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing. Your blog is really great!

  15. These are wonderful Lia!!! Just in time too…I have been procrastinating all week about getting something done for Father’s Day! I hate when work interferes with my craft time lol

  16. Hi Lia,

    These are so cute but I live in Australia and Father’s Day here isn’t until September. But cute idea – I too am loving chalkboard!

  17. Beautiful! Your day must last longer than mine because what you accomplish in 24 is just amazing! Love these!

  18. Thanks for fixing the links!

    Do you have the “Happy Father’s Day” circle letters as well, or are they in a different post? :)

  19. Printable Father’s Day Labels in Chalkboard Style

    I have tried to download your “Fathers Day Beer & Wine Label”, “Father’s Day Sweets, Soda, & Tags”, “Father’s Day Coaster Label”, & “Father’s Day Jar Labels” but when I tried to Download & I did click on each Link separately the only PDF to Download was the “Fathers Day Beer & Wine Label” even when I reclicked on each Link separately & waited for them to Download?!? I would really like to use these this weekend! PLEASE HELP!!!

  20. All 4 choices download the beer and wine label….it is a great design….but would love to be able to get the other three designs!!!

  21. Lia, FYI–all of the links go to the beer + wine labels, not the other sets.

  22. Squeeeeal!! These are AWESOME! Now I’ll have to run to the office store to get these printed ASAP. Thank you! :)

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