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Printable Gift Tags for the Men in Your Life

Gift_Tag_Printables_Men I will admit that I am a tad (just a tad) obsessed with flowers and all shades of pink right now. Stepping back from my pink immersion I realized that it is high time I designed a set of gift tags that are suited for the men in your lives. Right? I am loving the tribal pattern and hand drawn graphics that are in trend right now along with the shades of blues, teals and greens, so with that I designed this set of eight tags that you can use for any events or holidays coming up. As Lindsay, my new design intern (and fabulous illustrator) and I were working on these yesterday, we jokingly named them “man tags” . . . and because it is to fun to say, that name has stuck. That being said, as a woman I would not be offended to have any of these tags attached to a gift or bottled beverage, so of course they are great for the women too. You can easily print your “man tags” onto a card stock and trim them to size. The backs are blank which is perfect to add a personalized handwritten note. I have put together a little photo inspiration on how you can wrap gifts for men as well. I am using bits of nature, paper feathers and garden twine. Of course I had to throw in a bit of silk ribbon. Enjoy the gift tags! ~ Lia

Graphic_Pattern_Gift_Tag_Printable Summer_Graphic_Tribal_Gift_Tags Masculine_Gift_Tag_Printable Graphic_Masculine_Gift_Tags Gift_Wrap_Toppers_Men GiftTagButton

  1. Hello Lia, Thanks for all your nice ideas where I discovered your site by hazardous (Pinterest may be …) !! I love all you do ! VΓ©ronique from France

  2. I really loved the tags. I actually love everything you do.
    Thank you for all the beautiful creation. I’ve always been a hand crafting lover but I just never have the necessary tools, so sometimes the result doesnt look that great ..
    Anyway , keep spreading dream , creativity and passion for what you do : )

    • Thanks Emna! I do try to make them accessible for everyone, but finding the tools and materials can be a hurdle if you are in another country. Keep on making, designing and crafting. It does the soul good. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks, Really love the tags.

  4. Love the blue tags! I agree that giving these tribal tags to ladies is an awesome idea too! I love tribal designs and your designs are gorgeous (like always), Lia!

  5. Thank you! The faux wood is from your fabulous Christmas collection, right? Love that. Did you use craft paper and paint on the blue-striped paper? It’s all so pretty.

  6. Love these (as always), Lia! I have always loved dark brown (or kraft) and blue together. They are such a rich looking combination! And, if you wanted to make it a little more formal, you could add gold or even silver. Love your tribal look, however! As always, great job!

    • Thanks Phyllis! I loved how the copper paper feather looked too with this more rustic set too. I am really into dark blue and navy right now. I think you will be seeing more of it from me this summer and fall. πŸ˜‰

  7. Absolutely love them and the colours. Thanks so much.

  8. Love the stick embelishment

  9. Un abrazo agradecido para usted por compartir sus maravillosas creaciones, felicitaciones

  10. I’m kind of crazy about those paper feathers…..

  11. Guess reading comments helps as it answered ? about wrapping papers also, now don’t have to pester you with another ? about them. Thank you for such wonderful gift tags, love colors of them, not too mannish I don’t think to use one for a woman. I’m still catching up on posts missed all those weeks pc was aol.
    Love the gold feathers you used on one gift. I’ll have to get myself some of that metallic paper on your source so I can really create away making lots of your flowers you’ve shown us. Meanwhile I’ll go raid my paper stash to see what would work trying them out. Can hardly wait.

  12. Hmmm… the link seems to be broken. It’s only letting me pin it! Such cute tags!

  13. Love it! Don’t want to seem greedy, but I want the paper too!!!!!! Thanks, Lia, for another great freebie!

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