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Printable Mini Envelopes and Tiny Cards

Printable_Mini_Envelopes_Cards Here is a fun little printable for you! Tiny note cards and envelopes are the perfect way to share your love and appreciation or you can print and bundle these in a set to give as a gift. Just download the PDF below, print onto a white paper, trim and fold your envelopes that are the perfect size for the mini cards. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Mini_Envelopes_Notecards_Printables MiniCardButton

  1. So doggoned cute and appropriate for youngsters to give as thanks to teachers and maybe Sunday school teachers, relatives and friends. Good for kids to know they can show appreciation for people in their lives that give them help, gifts for i.e. Thanks for sharing these excellent printables.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  2. I received an email with this tutorial included but I cannot see a pdf link anywhere. THAT is frustrating!

  3. Bellissimi !!!
    Grazie mille.

  4. i found the site today and i love it .
    Thank you for the wonderful work

  5. Loving these – although I have just made and sent one, with the colours out! Too nice to hide them inside the envelope!

  6. Ooh, I love itty bitty notecards and (the much-harder-to-find) itty bitty envelopes!β™₯ Thank you for your adorable templates! xoxo

  7. Just printed a copy on plane laser printer paper, cut them out and folded them. Perfect, Lia! Thank you so very much for this awesome and useful project. A perfectly sized little note. :) So happy.

  8. These are adorable. Thank you for sharing your creations. You’re AMAZING!!

  9. Thank you so much. These are so sweet!

  10. I LOVE everything you do:) I would like to make a poster with my daughter’s wedding vows on them and frame it. Which font did you use – it would be absolutely perfect

  11. Thank you so much! This is very cute.

  12. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These baby envelopes and cards are adorable!

  13. Thanks…

  14. Thank you for sharing your lovely envelopes !
    have a good day

  15. Such cute patterns inside the envelopes! Thank you for sharing!!

  16. They’re pretty small, I wish there was a way to make them larger.

  17. Thanks! Those are so cute and handy.

  18. so flipping cute!!

  19. Those are so cute, thanks Lia!

  20. These are awesome!! Great size. THANKS!!!

  21. Hi Lia,
    Thank you for the new envelope and card set. Love it!
    You are such a talented lady and I love all your projects.
    Thank you very much!!

  22. so cute! love them!

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