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Stencil This Antler and Monogram Door Mat for Your Winter Decor

Monogram Door Mat DIY This week I replaced my worn door mat with this fun DIY stenciled monogram centered inside of a silhouette of deer antlers. This seems perfect for my Pacific Northwest home as the days become wet and windy. I picked up the 24 x 35 inch natural fiber coir mat at Ikea and after searching for a great stencil template, decided to make my own. With a can of silver metallic spray paint, a face mask and some scrap paper to protect my spray surface, I had a new stylish rug within a few minutes. If you want to make your own version of this mat, I have included a template here at the end of the post. There is a page for every letter, so select the initial you want to print. You can print onto card stock and use that as a stencil, or if you want a stiffer version for your spray, trace the template onto a poster board and trim. I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial below to show you just how simple it can be. Enjoy! ~ Lia

DIY Monogram Door Mat DoorMatTutorial MonogramTemplateButton

  1. How lovely :-)

  2. Hi!

    You are endlessly inspirational! I tried this technique last year and within a few months the paint had faded significantly from wear. I live in Portland, too, and the mat was on a covered porch. Can you recommend any kind of spray-on sealant that will keep the design preserved?

  3. Hi Lia!

    I found the antlers on Pinterest when I was searching for a cool antler vector for my logo. Since I don’t see any rights on what you may and may not do with the vector I thought I just ask. Is it ok if I will use the antlers for my logo?


    • My file is not a vector and are for personal use only. There is a great site called that have lots of antlers for around $1 each

  4. hi, this is a great idea! thanks for this. but i do wonder will the pain not rub off under the shoes and be carried inside the house ?? How long does the paint last? if you can shed light on these concerns of mine i will very much appreciate it.

    • Hi. I still have my mat(it is right inside the door now) since I like to change up the ones on my porch depending on the season. It has been a year and it still looks great and I have not had any trouble with the paint rubbing off. I live in Portland, so the climate in the winter is wet but we rarely get any snow. But it has definitely since its fair share of rain and mud:) Hope that helps!!

  5. Any ideas for printing out using the newer version of Adobe Reader? I don’t see anything about page tiling ;( Thanks.

  6. So Im a little confused lol so do i print this off on regular printing paper? What is card stock? could u email me please. Thank You

    • Hi Destiny, card stock is thicker and stiffer than regular printer paper. You can print on card stock on most printers using the manual feeder tray. You can purchase the card stock paper at an office supply store. Hope this helps! Have fun with the project:)

  7. Thanks so much! My daughter’s last name is Buck… this will be perfect!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this idea!! Thank you for this great project!! Although, I cannot get a rug that is “natural fiber” or the same light brown color. I picked up a dark brown rug, but the black will be too dark. Do u have any suggestions to a different paint color I could use? Would white look okay?

    • Definitely try white or a lighter color. Since it won’t be “staining” the fiber it may rob off sooner but is worth the try. You can always keep your stencil and refresh it.

  9. I love this! Would look great outside our front door! I will be making this :)

  10. Hi, I love this idea :) just curious if anyone has had any problems with the paint smearing upon use when wiping shoes that might be wet?

    Thanks so much!

  11. This is an awesome idea! I’m going to make this for my brother-in-law. I am also having trouble printing it correctly…what program/year are you using to print? I don’t have a tiling or poster option in my settings…suggestions?


    • You should be able to tile print it from the PDF. If not, maybe take it to FedEx Office and ask them to print it at the final size you need. They have the large format printer.

  12. This is so cool I decided to make one for a friend as a Christmas gift because her husband is a turned out great!!! Thank you for the idea and templates!!

  13. What kind of spray paint did you use????

  14. Just wondering what kind of spray paint did you use???

  15. Off topic I know, but could yopu share what paint color you used on your door? It’s lovely.

  16. I can’t wait to do this. I have all my supplies ready and found coir mats at Home Depot for $10 each. Only problem is, I don’t see how to feed that 11 by 17 size paper in the printer when the paper tray only accommodates 8.5 X 11. Any ideas?

  17. Hi Lia, Thanks for all the great ideas and inspirations :) I’m new to your site, but love all that you do!
    I am having trouble printing the template in panels. I don’t know what program to use, or how to set up the printer to do it right.
    Sorry for the trouble, can you elaborate for me some more please? thanks so much! :)

    • Thanks Kathy! In your print window, you can choose a paper size in “page setup”. You can tile any size of paper so all will work. Then in the area that says “page sizing & handling” choose “poster” at 100%. This will give you the full image on multi pages where you can tape together to make the template for the stencil.

  18. A great gift idea – I’ll be doing this for my front door.

  19. I wish I was as crafty as you!

  20. This is wonderful! Thank you- you have the best ideas.

  21. Love it–so clever AND economical! I hate spending big money for something that just gets covered in dirt, mud and leaves…not to mention soaked through on a day like today!

    The templates, especially the antlers, would be perfect for so many other home decor and Christmas projects too…I’m seeing some glitter antler silhouettes in my future. :)

    (P.S.–My blog is back up and running and nothing was lost…WHEW! Time to switch hosts, though.)

  22. I love this! Thanks for sharing! :)

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