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Sweet Summertime Printable Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

Sweet Summer Printable Gift Tags Sweet Summer Printable Gift Wrap For this gift wrap and gift tag set I am combining some of my favorite textures and background like the faux bois wood grain and ribbed kraft paper with bright summer colors, fresh florals, ikat and chevron patters. . . all the goodies that make a playful mix and match. The gift wrap is designed to print on 11X17 paper. I printed these on my large format inkjet printer. The tags are printed onto a card stock, trimmed and with the punched hole are tied with coordinating baker’s twine.

These sets are perfect for upcoming graduation gifts, summer birthdays, baby showers. . . even father’s day gifts. You can download and print these sets below. Tomorrow I will share ideas for creative gift wrapping and how I mixed and matched the tags and wrap for this set. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Creative Gift Wrapping GiftTagButtonGiftWrapButton1 GiftWrap2

  1. thank you so much !!
    i used it for my school project and everyone loved it .
    thank you again .

  2. Hey, i really like this wrapping paper its so sweet. =) But why are ther 3 white pages in ech file? (Sweet summertime gift Wrap 1 &2)

    Thank you : )

  3. Hello Lia! Thanks for these wonderful printables. It will help me a lot for a new productive year! :)

  4. Beautiful work. We still have some summer parties to come, just before fall. we’ll definately use them. Thank you!!

  5. Beautiful Tags…your work is lovely… Greetings from India!!! Shirin

  6. I’m always in awe of how your gifts are wrapped so perfect! They are beautifully displayed, I would be honoured to receive a gift from you :). I love your blog and frequent it often. Continue to bless the world with your talents! Many Blessings from Toronto, Canada.


  7. Lia,
    Do you just wrap small gifts with the wrap paper you print or do you put two or more pieces together? Also, do you print on regular plain white paper?

    Thank you!

    • I usually just print for small gifts, but I am starting to print large rolls through Spoonflower and another source I found. With a little push I may start selling these rolls in my Etsy shop. 😉

  8. Lovely! Can I ask what kind of paper you used to print on?


  9. Very nice of you to share these with us internet community :) Glad to have found it.
    Greetings from Malaysia <3

  10. Thought sure I left a comment the other day when I discovered your blog but happy to leave another. Love your blog and all your projects.
    Happy days

  11. I love these! They are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Thank you for creating these and offering them as free downloads! I love them! I always gift warp for free, but I had run out of paper. Thanks to Google, I found you. Love your creativity!

  13. Wow! Gorgeous! You have such a talent for design. Thank you for sharing these!

  14. ils sont superbes !… merci de les partager avec nous… j’ai créé un lien ici :

  15. These are very pretty, thank you for sharing your talent!

  16. You are so gracious and talented. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

  17. These are gorgeous! So sweet of you to share!

  18. I love them, thank you so much! Will do a post about them immediately!

  19. Thanks so muc – they’re lovely!

  20. I love these! Thanks for the downloads.

  21. excellent!!! thnx :)

  22. ty!

  23. I think it is wonderful of you to give such beautiful things away for free! Thank you!

  24. Bee-U-Tee-Ful! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  25. These gift tags are absolutely adorable! I am so going to have to use them this summer. =)

  26. Super schön, DANKE!
    Helene & Co

  27. thanks for sharing your art with us they were so nice

  28. Hi Lia,

    FYI. On both summertimewraps, pages 4-6 were empty/blank on two separate browsers- IE & Firefox. Is this an error?

    I appreciate all the project information and free downloads! They have been so helpful to me in my projects.


    • Not an error. I split the 6 into two PDFs since they were large files, but it looks as if it grabbed the 3 empty pages in the PDF. My mistake and I will fix that. Thanks for letting me know. :-)

  29. Hi Lia, here’s a slightly-related question…
    Are you planning to create any new labels/tags for Father’s Day this year? I just found the ones you created last year for Ellinee and love them! (Especially love the different sayings for Dad, since we call my dad Papa and my hubby’s dad Pops…and we often all celebrate together, so your tags cover each of them!) We are doing a picnic in the park this year for Father’s Day, since we’ll be in Utah with extended family, and I’d love to surprise all the dads/grandpas with some adorably packaged food and gifts. :)

    • Actually. . . I am! I was just talking that over with my label supplier on Friday. I will gather your thoughts on more ideas for them too.

  30. Thank you so much for these wonderful goodies! The colors and designs are so “fun” looking!

  31. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  32. Genials, preciosos tots i les etiquetes també, me’ls imprimiré tots, els paquets fan molt de goig embolicats amb aquests papers i el teu toc tan personal i elegant.
    Moltes gràcies sssssssssss.

  33. Thank you for sharing these…so cute.

  34. aaaw so gererously of you to share these pretty fun cool gift wraps and tags.
    thank you very much;-D

  35. Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing

  36. Wow, 1000+ Pins just today…it’s a hit! :)
    Beautiful designs, Lia. Now if only my printer hadn’t just ran out of ink…

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