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  1. Hi Lia, Thank you for your help with how you create your beautiful dresses, I now have to write about you in my A level personal study and I would like to know why you chose to work in paper, I have seen the video where you explain about making paper dolls and your love for paper but does your work have any relevance to environmental awareness of paper waste? my question is really just why did you chose to work with paper?
    Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for the video link it was extremely interesting and helpful but my main question is how do you actually fasten your dresses?

  3. Hi Lia, your dresses are a huge inspiration for my A level textiles project. My theme is recycled fashion and I am hoping to create a final piece using paper/magazines and I was wondering if you had any tips or advice or other artists that could help me with my project?

    • I have a video interview by Oregon Art Beat that shows some of the behind the scenes methods of how I make these dresses. That may be helpful to you. Check it out! ;-)

  4. Hey, your dresses are absolutely gorgeous. I tried something similar but I can’t get the top quite right.
    I was just wondering if you could briefly tell me how you did it?

  5. Simply breathtaking!

  6. These dresses from you Lia are simply breathtaking….You are an exceptional designer!!!! There is another designer out there too: jewelry (her medium is gold/platinum/silver) you could look at Tinken jewelry on Etsy. Her name is Kristina and you look a bit alike! Her jewelry is stunning.

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