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Washi Tape Your Pencils and Notebooks

Washi Tape Notebooks Confession time. I am addicted to washi tape. Not only are the pretty colors and patterns a pull for me, but it is also the fun projects I see that are waiting to be created with this pretty tape that have pushed me into the state of obsession. I am very lucky to have Collage, a local craft supply store in my neighborhood that has a washi tape obsession equal to mine. For those of you who don’t live in Portland, my second favorite source is Cute Tape and her online shop. You can also find washi tape in most craft stores. So today we are using the washi tape to create these adorable notebooks and to cover classic orange/yellow pencils. This project is just in time for your back to school shopping. I found the pencils and small notebooks in the dollar bin at Target. For my notebooks I used a lot of variety of tapes, but you can easily create a cute design by coordinating 2 or more colors and patterns. Check out my step-by-step tutorial below then join me in my washi tape obsession. Cheers! ~ Lia

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  1. Nice Tutorial!

  2. Found you on Pinterest =) I’m making some pencils right now and hope to show them with my readers in a few weeks.

  3. Happened to find this post via Pinterest. I was wondering – do you encounter any problems when sharpening the pencils? I’d be worried the type might gum things up.

    • I have not had trouble with it. The washi that I use is paper not a plastic like some American made versions, so it works great when I sharpen.

  4. Loved the washied pencils and notebooks. BUT…most of all I would LOVE to know what type container you have your washi tape in. It looks so cute and practical for corralling all those rolls. Would love a reply. Hugs!!

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    is in fact fastidious.

  6. hermosooo

  7. Love your tutorial and the final products.
    Was wondering though, do i HAVE to paint the pencils and cover the notebook with label? I don’t have those things, so i’ll actually have to go and buy them 😛

  8. So I had just gotten home from Collage on NE Alberta with a birthday gift set of washi tapes for my new 11 y.o. neighbor. I hit Google for washi tape ideas to include with the gift and land up right here, on a local blogger’s awesome washi tape tutorial! FUN! I just made a pencil to go in her birthday package. Thanks & nice to meet you neighbor!

    • Hi Jessica! Collage has THE BEST selection of washi tape. I wish they had an online shop for the rest of the world. I feel so lucky to have them. So happy you found my blog! I love meeting local bloggers too. Perhaps we will meet in the real world soon.

  9. What a completely clever yet simple project! The tutorial and photos are so lovely and perfectly styled. I love that i now have a rad way to use bits of random washi tape i have lying around and i’ll be able to give a second life to freebie notebooks with not so cute covers! Thank you :)

  10. Where can I buy washi tape?? Where is it sold??

    • You can check at your local craft stores, and you can find it online at and I hear that Scotch just came out with a line they are selling in office stores, but I have not confirmed that yet.

  11. oh you totally should check out they are awesome! Those notebooks are to die for!

  12. I love making lists and jotting down notes and sketches – and this is such a great idea to use my ever growing washi tape collection to beautify my small notebooks! Thank you for such a great tutorial :)

  13. sooo pretty!

  14. What an amazing picture tutorial. Thank you so much for the time you took to put this post together. It’s truly inspiring and beautiful, and an adorable craft product in the end! Thank you, thank you.

  15. Love the collection you have built up -especially the combos on the books! Washi is addicting!!

  16. I think you’ve just pushed me over the edge…. I was trying to resist washi tape – which is really weird because I don’t usually allow myself to resist *anything* – but now you’ve got my fingers just itching to click on that washi tape website so I can play with this stuff….

    Thanks, Lia. Thanks a lot…….

  17. Mahalo (thank you) Lia!!! Live in Hawaii so assortment of “washi” tape is limited! Luckily my daughter lives in CA, (where I am currently) so will purchase from Michaels or Joanns. First time with washi tape, and will follow your instructions!

  18. These are just too cute! They will be on my back-to-school teacher gift idea list for sure! Perfect gift for the kids to help make, too.

    Do you have any tips for keeping the washi tape secure? Every time I’ve tried wrapping things with washi, it starts peeling off within minutes or hours! Could I seal it with Mod Podge or something?

    Lisa :)

    • Mine are looking really good, no peeling. It may be the quality of tape. Run over to the Collage on Alberta and try one of the MT brand rolls. See if that may work better.

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