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Watercolor Butterfly Brunch for Spring Celebrations

Watercolor_Butterfly_Brunch Happy Earth Day! As you can see from my recent posts, I do love a pretty brunch! This sweet butterfly brunch is one that I put together when I lived in my downtown loft. Bringing in the lush green and colorful butterflies into the industrial environment was such a hit with my guests. As you can see in all of the little details the watercolor butterflies, the same butterflies from this wreath post, are the final touch for the centerpiece, the napkin rings and the little personal herb pots that act as name cards too. The centerpiece is made from a bundle of curly willow placed into a foam block that is then centered in the vase. Since my vase is clear, I surrounded it with pebbles and topped it with pretty green moss. I then simply used hot glut to attach the butterflies onto the branches. For this brunch, or any other watercolor butterfly project, you can download and print the PDF by using the button at the end of the post. Please note that the color will be off in your browser window and that to see the image you will need to download it onto your computer and open it there. I did print these onto card stock and you will see that there is a second page of the PDF to print the back side of the butterflies to they are colorful from all directions. This brunch would be perfect for a bridal shower, Mother’s Day or any spring occasion. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Brunch_Details_Watercolor_Butterfly Spring_Brunch_Watercolor_Butterflies Brunch_Spring_Watercolor_Butterflies Butterfly_Details_Brunch WatercolorButterflyButton

  1. You have one of the most beautiful party idea website! Thanks for all you do and for the freebies, much appreicated.

  2. I just found this post. It made me smile because I LOVE butterflies (hence my email username) They are my trademark symbol.

    That is a very lovely way to celebrate brunch… I’ve been saving butterfly invitations for an occasion – just wasn’t sure on the occasion. Well, that butterfly brunch would be a wonderful way to use my butterfly invitations. Sweet!

  3. Was wondering how you “white washed” the bottoms of those little flower pots? What type of paint and brush did you use?

    • I just used an acrylic craft paint for these and watered it down. I painted them with a 1 inch craft brush so the strokes would show.

  4. I am not sure how I found your page. But I can honestly say I am so happy I did. I love your printables. I use some of them to make cards with my sizzix. Thank you Lia and keep up the good designing. Always a fan!

  5. Lia,
    A gorgeous display you have at this brunch. I realize you did this awhile ago, but do know or remember what the grass-like herb or grass was that is in the pots lining the windowsill, and in detail shot in white pot w/ butterflies? I have been looking for something like that for my dining room windows!

    Thanks so much,

    • I found these at the garden store. They are pots of grass that you might plant in your landscaping. They lasted about two weeks without being planted.

  6. Thank you very much for your generous sharing…you are so talented! This is soooo pretty!

  7. Just so lovely! I’ve never seen anything prettier in a magazine!

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