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Yee Haw! We are Having a Farm Party (Part 1)

Farm Party Wagon Rides Welcome to the farm! Yesterday I joined Lisa Frank in hosting this last-days-of-summer Farm Party. I have so many gorgeous photos of the party that I am going to share it in three parts. First you are seeing the games. Tomorrow I will post the adorable food table with all of the farm inspired details. I will then show you dining table and craft table to inspire your next birthday party. I will also sprinkle in tutorials for some of the projects as well as sources. The printables for this party were all my creations and I will offer them as a full kit in my Etsy shop. If you have not seen it yet, yesterday I shared the party invitation and free orange bandana envelope liner.

As you can clearly see from these photos, the kids had a blast! They were loving every game and when given their feed sack goodie bag upon arrival, all voluntarily wore their orange bandanas. The games included a hay ride in the wagon, a pin the tail on the donkey game with magnet tails, a horseshoe tossing game with bean bag horseshoes made from felt, felt stick ponies to ride and a hay bale horse with a handmade stick horse made by my sister from upcycled wool. Here are my favorite moments from this section of the party. I will share sources at the end of the post.

FarmPartyFeedBags FarmPartyHayRide FarmPartyPinTheTail FarmPartyHorseShoes FarmPartyPonyRides FarmPartyFeltPonies FarmPartyHorseRide

BURLAP FEED SACKS: This is a DIY project that I will share in tutorial form this week. FARM ANIMAL COOKIE WRAP & GAME SIGNS: These will be in my printable party kit. ORANGE BANDANAS: Source here. WOOD RAIL WAGON: Source here. FABRIC BUNTING: Made by Lisa Frank. PIN THE TAIL GAME: Will be in the printable party kit. FELT HORSESHOES & FELT STICK HORSES: Felt from Benzie Design on Etsy and I will give you the pattern and tutorial in an upcoming post. WOOL STICK HORSE: Made by my sister, and she will be offering this on Etsy soon.

See y’all tomorrow for more farm party photos and crafty tutorials! ~ Lia

  1. Where can I find the PIN THE TAIL GAME? It’s really cute!

  2. Hi! Just want to know if your sister is already selling the horses at Etsy. Thanks!

  3. Can you use a 3/8″dowel?? Thanks- Debbie

  4. What company did you get the BURLAP SACKS from?

  5. How do I get the pattern for the horses??

  6. Planning a John Deere/Farm Party for our son this spring and I cannot tell you how much I love this farm party…especially since his favorite color is orange. :) Love your horseshoe game and all of your decorations are adorable. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful inspiration. Such a wonderful party.

  7. Do you have the pattern for the horse shoes posted somewhere? Thank you!

  8. What a fantastic party. All the kids were just adorable. So much excitement comes out of those pictures. Fantastic party well done.

  9. The kids look so adorable with their orange scarves on and with their horses put on the rail. It’s all so cute, wish I had young grandkids again. It’s no fun anymore. The things you all made are absolutely inspired, the kids must have been so thrilled with everything. Wouldn’t it be nice if older kids and adults could have that innocence and fun in them? I wish I still did. Talk about a super special party, you gals sure did it. The talents you have are so wonderful. Happy Days

    • Thanks! I remember myself saying as I was shooting “I want my next birthday party to be like this”. The best part of the day was seeing how engaged and excited the kids were. Definitly a success!

  10. Oh Lia it’s beautiful!! And those kids are precious :)

  11. It almost looks even better in your photos than in person! Every detail is just adorable and I had so much fun planning it with you. :) Can’t wait to see more!

    Lisa Frank
    My new blog coming soon:

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