This is a sponsored post I wrote after receiving a Dream Box 2. Opinions and text on how to organize your DreamBox are all mine.

We just got the new Create Room DreamBox 2 for our craft lab!

I have to say… this new DreamBox 2 really surprised me with how much it can hold!

I was able to get one of everything we sell in our shop, plus more into the cabinets with room left over!

You can watch the video for my full unboxing and walkthrough. Find the free downloads I created for organizing your own at the bottom of this page… plus information about a special limited-time sale so you can buy your own DreamBox 2!

Since we are pretty busy over here designing new crafts and filming new workshops. . .  we picked the pre-built service to save some time. But you can cut the cost with DIY assembly. Either way, make sure you ask a friend to give you a hand.

We just attached two sets of swing doors, the crown with the double light, and then our little “room in a box” was ready to load!

I love organizing, especially craft materials, so here are my top 5 time-saving tips to organize your DreamBox 2!

1. Curate Your Craft Stash

Organize everything into three categories.

  • Most Used
  • Keep for Later
  • Donate

Add your Most Used supplies to your DreamBox 2 first, making sure there’s room for everything essential. Tuck in your Keep for Later pile in the extra spaces or in labeled boxes elsewhere. Anything leftover can be donated as a fun box of crafty goodies to a school teacher or retirement center!

2. Sort by Craft Category

Write a list of the types of crafts you make. Write them onto tabs and use them to mark category zones in your DreamBox 2. You can always move them around to make space for new items or categories.

3. Organize Each Category
Now you can start adding things into your totes, containers, hooks and rods within their craft category zones. For example, I like to be able to find everything I need to make my crepe paper flowers in one zone.

4. Make Swatch Cards

For all of your materials that have multiple colors or patterns, using swatch cards is an easy way to quickly select materials and keep your DreamBox 2 clearly organized. You can find ours in the links at the bottom of this page!

5. Label Everything!

It is so much easier to find supplies quickly when they are labeled. They also help when putting things back in their place or if you have little hands helping during craft time.

This DreamBox 2 was so fun to organize. I’d love to know how your organizing goes!

There’s no better feeling than sitting down to craft in a clean and organized space, right?

Create Room Black Friday Sale



Happy crafting and organizing!

Use the links below to download the worksheets, swatch card templates and editable labels used in my video!