Groomsmen Bridesmaid TagsA quick diversion from home decor today. . . Yesterday I offered to design the “will you be my groomsman” (and bridesmaid) tags for a friend’s Sunday engagement party. Her fiancé plans to give a bottle of each man’s favorite beverage with a tag asking for them to join him for their special day. Knowing I wanted to use the chalkboard style, I added a bow tie as a bottle neck band. So cute! This design has a groomsman and best man option. Once those were designed I created a coordinating tag for her bridesmaids and maid of honor. The bride’s version is decorated with pink and yellow blooms over the black chalkboard background. These tags can be used as a  rectangle card as well. Once I finished these designs, I knew I had to share!

I am offering all four versions of the tags below for any other engaged couple. They are ready to download and update to your names and wedding date right in the PDF. To edit the text, you will need to download and install the free fonts Sedgwick and Chevalier Becker Stripes. Sedgwick will be used to edit the names on both the bridesmaids and groomsmen tags. The wedding date on the groomsmen tags will also use Sedgwick, and the wedding date on the bridesmaids tags will use Chevalier. Cheers! ~ Lia