Inspiring Printable QuotesI love framing printable quotes to hang as inspiration around my work and living spaces. For the last month this quote on change has been swimming around my head, so it was a natural decision to design it into framable art for my pin board or to dress a wall. Incorporating printable quotes into your home decor adds an elegant and artsy accent to any living or bedroom. The Sunday evening after I found out that I was going to be starting my own blog, I was driving back to Portland from my oldest sister’s home in Washington. I had been bouncing back and forth with the feelings of excitement for the possibility and a sad mourning for the reality of leaving the company I had spent 3 years pouring my heart and soul into. It was a four hour drive from her home to mine, so a perfect time to listen to a four hour lecture that Dr. Wayne Dyer had given on manifestation. Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite authors and speakers. His words were just perfect timing as I was about to leap out and manifest my dreams. I found myself nodding my head throughout all of those four hours. Driving and nodding. Every word he spoke resonated with where I was at in that moment. And it was this quote that hit home that night, and for the past month I have repositioned my viewpoint daily so that I might find the beauty in everything as I move into this new chapter of my life. If this quote touches you too, you can download with the link below and print it onto card stock paper. When printed at 100% it will fit an 8×10 mat. You can check out some of my other framable, printable quotes here. Here is to manifesting! ~ Lia

Framable Printable Quote