A few years ago after I moved from a house into my downtown loft, I realized that my Christmas decoration collection had found its way to the donation pile. I saw it as an opportunity to try something different, to fill the tree with handmade paper ornaments. This started a new tradition, and now in it’s third year I am sharing my tradition of a handcrafted holiday with you in video form. Next week when I return from my holiday in Amsterdam, I will be posting the patterns and/or tutorials for each of these ornaments. Until then, enjoy a sneak peek in the video below.

A special thanks to Lanie and Brianna for crafting this round of gorgeous ornaments with me and to my little buddies Maddie and James for bringing their sweet joy as we decorated the tree. Thanks to Balsam Hill for the beautiful Stratford Spruce. Video by Quincy Davis. (A huge thanks to Quincy for bringing his creative eye and visual poetry to this project).