Did you ever see a cuter viking?! Our kids viking costume is one of our Halloween faves and it’s safe to say that our model was pretty taken with his outfit, too. Today’s downloadable pattern is for the viking battle axe and our tutorial below covers both the axe and the shield. The cloak and leg cuffs are simple to make with a length of thick brown fur fabric and a couple stitches. And the helmet and beard pattern and tutorial will be shared later this week.

We made the shield using a sheet of cardboard which we cut into a circle and covered in brown felt. We added glitter vinyl iron-on to make the circles on the cross and attached a handle at the back with spare cardboard. Our axe was made in a similar way; using cardboard to form the axe and covering it in felt and glitter iron-on vinyl. Use a length of wooden dowel, covered in sot batting and a felt cover to make the handle.

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