Spider Web Decorations

Download the SVG version to use with a cutting machine, or download the PDF file if you are cutting by hand. Spider web decorations are certainly easier to make with a cutting machine, but making them by hand is still doable. We used metallic text weight paper from Paper-Papers for our webs to give them an extra silky look. Whatever paper you choose, I would recommend staying away from cardstock because it is too thick to fold for this project. Each web consists of three pieces glued together. If you are using the PDF version, you can use an x-acto knife to cut out the insides of web. You will also want to use a 1/4 inch hole punch to create holes where the template indicates. Once you fold the web, use some tape or a glue dot roller to attach the three web pieces together. 

Now you should have one long, rectangular web piece. Next, run a needle with some thread through the holes at the bottom of the web to create the circular web. This is a similar technique to our DIY wedding fans, so feel free to reference that photo tutorial while you are making these spider web decorations. I will say that the thinner the thread, the easier this tends to be. After you have threaded the web, tie a knot to secure. Here you can keep the string long to hang the web when you are finished. Browse our entire Halloween section for more decor inspiration! Stay tuned for our paper bats that you can add to this arrangement, plus plenty of Halloween costume ideas. Head to our membership page to start crafting with us! Any ideas for projects? Simply email us your suggestions so we can start brainstorming them! Cheers ~ Lia Spider Web DecorationsSpider Web DecorationsSpider Web Decorations