Animal Gift Wrap

This project is very simple and it’s also something that you can get the kids in on with you. Download the PDF templates below and print onto regular copy paper. You can also use cardstock for a stiffer paper, or full sheet label paper if you would like to stick the facial details directly on to the packages. If you want to save a bit of ink for your printer, we also added a blank outline version that kids can color in themselves. Or, you can use the template to cut the shapes onto construction paper. There are lots of options for making your animal gift wrap! 

After printing and trimming the template pieces, we arranged them onto the boxes and attached them using glue dots. Mix and match to create your own animal gift wrap characters! You can make horizontal characters or vertical characters depending on the look you’re going for. Finish them off with some cute paper bows and they are ready for gifting! Browse all of our gift wrapping ideas for more inspiration, including a ton of new holiday gift wrap designs for the season. Head over to our membership page to start downloading, or take a look at our gift memberships if you want to give the gift of creativity this year! Enjoy ~ Lia and the Team 

Animal Gift Wrapanimal_sticker_gift_wrap_0004animal_sticker_gift_wrap_0002animal_sticker_gift_wrap_0007animal_sticker_gift_wrap_0001