DIY Inspirational PillowNow that we are entering a new year, it is always a good time to reflect. Reflect on the positive things, the negative things and the hopes and personal goals that we have for the next 12 months. Think of the values that you hold dear, and then strive to embody those values every day! As a little New Year’s wish for you all, I made this pillow with one of my favorite messages. Stay true to you and the rest will follow! Our DIY inspirational pillow is a perfect reminder to be genuine and brave as you go after what you really want. This has certainly been one of our mantras as we continue to grow our little crafting community, so we love having it with us in the studio!

If you are looking to expand your creativity this year, making this DIY inspirational pillow can also help you set the tone for the year. Start this project by picking out a basic pillow at your local home goods store. If you are feeling particularly inspired, making your own pillow is a great option for customizing your DIY pillow. It just depends on how crafty you want to get! Whatever pillow you end up using, make sure that you are using something with a removable pillow cover. You will need to separate the pillow cover and the pillow form to iron on the design. Once you have your pillow ready, you can download the SVG file for our DIY inspirational pillow design to use with your cutting machine. We also added a link to our favorite cutting machine in Shop this Project!

If you do not have a cutting machine, you can download the PDF version in the downloads section. Mirror the design and print onto transfer paper to use the quote as an iron-on, or simply print onto cardstock for a little inspirational art print. Those with a cutting machine can choose their color palette, and you can find links to iron-on vinyl colors in Shop this Project. As with all of our iron-on designs, you can easily use this file to make a cute apron or canvas bag too. Browse all of our SVG cut files to see more projects you can make with your cutting machine, or take a look at our collection of inspirational prints. Leave a comment below to tell us the projects you’d like to see next, or head over to our membership page to join us! Enjoy ~ Lia and the Team

DIY Inspirational Pillow

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