Of course, if you’re new to embroidery or need a refresher, be sure to check out our Embroidery Basics Guide. It’s definitely a helpful resource to hone your skills and gain confidence in this timeless craft. You only need a few items to make your own Blanket Stitch Variations on Cloth Napkins. So, once you’ve gathered your tools and materials — we’ll meet you in the tutorial!

Stiches used: Double Blanket Stitch, Closed Blanket Stitch, Rosette Blanket Stitch and a Knotted Blanket Stitch.

Embroidery has a rich history dating back centuries as a form of embellishment and personalization. What was once a necessary skill for homemakers has evolved into a beloved hobby that allows us to give our creations a more personal touch. The blanket stitch is a basic yet impactful embroidery technique. After all, it’s not just a finishing touch; it’s a gateway stitch for those new to sewing.  If you’re looking to pass on the joy of crafting, teaching the blanket stitch is a wonderful starting point, especially for the little ones eager to learn.

From the traditional blanket stitch to the buttonhole or tailored blanket stitch, there’s a range of options to explore. Each stitch brings a different character to your tea towel, making it a personalized piece that reflects your style. Above all, wherever you are on your crafting journey, remember to enjoy the process. Whether you’re embellishing cloth napkins for practice, or creating a set of charming tea towels as gifts, let the rhythmic motion of the needle and thread bring you joy.

Because there are so many ways to dress up your napkins, we truly can’t wait to see your unique take on this project! Please be sure to share them with us on our community page or tag #MadeWithLia on Instagram. Happy stitching!