Target_Plaid_Styled_Fall_Table_Soup_Mugs This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Home collection in stores and online. For those of you who know me, know my passion for pattern – and a behind the scenes motto of mine is “more is more”! So imagine my excitement when I walked into Target recently and discovered their new plaid collection – I’ll admit to getting a little over-excited. From beauty products to home décor, clothing to electronics, Target have stepped up their game design-wise and I am loving it. Mixing and matching patterns can be tricky to pull off but their new plaid home décor collection – the cups and glasses, napkins and plates, pillows and throws are just heavenly together. I wanted to show you how we threw some of their key pieces together to create a super-sleek lunch at the studio recently. The black, white and burnt orange tones are the perfect color combination and with a touch of gold thrown in, it creates a timeless look that is ideal for Fall. When mixing pattern, don’t be afraid to layer it on. The plaid bowls, on the plaid plates, on the plaid napkins are exactly what make this look so fresh. Throw in a couple strong, solid color pieces, like the gold flatware, or the white serving plates and your table setting will knock ‘em dead. Similarly, with our bar cart, we layered on the plaid to create a look that really pops. The plaid glasses on the plaid tray are just divine. The best thing about Target’s new plaid range is that you can really have fun with it. Layer it on, mix it up, create something beautiful! Shop this look below then head over to Target Style to see more of their fab new collection. Have fun! ~ Lia

Target_Plaid_Styled_Table_Setting_Mugs_Bowl Plaid_Cutting_Board_Gold_Target_Styled_FallTarget_Teapot_Mugs_Plaid_Styled_Tray_FallPlaid_Tray_Target_Styled_FallTarget_Plaid_Styled_Table_Fall_Soup_BowlPlaid_Glasses_Tray_Drinks_StyledPlaid_Glasses_Fall_Styled_Shoot_Barcart_Napkins Glasses_Plaid_Barcart_Fall_Pears_Target


Large Rectangular Tray | Plates | Tumbler | Bowls | White Coffee Mug | Black Coffee Mug | Cutting Board | Orange Napkins | Throw Pillow