Designer Jessica helped Keridwyn make her dream a reality and the results were stunning. We recently received photos from the wedding, shot by Jackie Donnelly. In addition to her bridal floral crown, Keridwyn made centerpiece roses, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and more floral crowns for her ring bearer and flower girls. We’re thrilled that everything turned out so beautifully! Congratulations to the happy couple! And thank you again for sharing your creative spirit with all of us here at Lia Griffith, Keridwyn!

We’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial to show you how you can make your very own bridal floral crown like Keridwyn’s. Whether you’re planning a wedding or not, this crown is a gorgeous accessory to craft. Simple to make with stunning results, you’re going to love this project. 

Tools & Materials



  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Using the template, cut leaves from double sided crepe and petals from extra fine crepe. The amount depends on the desired size and fullness of your crown. We used about 15 flowers (3 petals per flower) and 18 stems with leaves (7-8 leaves per stem).
  3. Shape your petals and then glue the first petal to the very top of 2 1/2” piece of 26-gauge floral wire.
  4. Using very little hot glue, attach two more petals, pinching at the base.
  5. Glue a pearl bead at the center of your bloom.
  6. Create stems of leaves from a 5” piece of 26-gauge floral wire that has been bent in half. Attach 7-8 leaves per stem, varying which side of the double sided crepe is on the outside of the leaf.
  7. Using the 18-gauge floral wire, create a crown to fit your head. You will probably need to add additional wire. At the back of the crown, create a loop for a closure that can be adjusted. The fit of your crown may change slightly when the leaves and flowers are added.
  8. Cover your floral wire in white floral tape. This is useful for covering the spot where the additional wire was added.
  9. Attach leaves and flowers by twisting onto the crown and then covering connections with floral tape.
  10. Cover the crown with flowers and leaves that are evenly distributed, reinforcing connections with floral tape as you go.
  11. Attach leaves and flowers so that each side travels in the same direction towards the front of the crown.
  12. Repeat on the second side and bend stems to create fullness when complete.

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