A cornucopia is one of the most popular decorations you can have in your home for Thanksgiving. However, in our six years of crafting, we have yet to make one! Since I typically prefer to create floral centerpieces for my holiday tables, my team and I brainstormed how to create a smaller version of a cornucopia. Thinking outside the box is what let to these adorable cane paper cornucopia treat cones!

Treat boxes and baskets are something I like to make for holiday parties and important celebrations. Not only does it make each guest feel special, but it’s always so delightful to see a little treat on the table that’s handmade just for you. These cornucopia treat cones are so cute and very simple to make, so when you’re ready to start, just follow the instructions below!

An A-maize-ing Thanksgiving Craft

Ok, we know that cornucopias are not made of corn, but they are still amazing! In Latin, the word cornucopia translates to “horn of plenty.” Filling the cornucopia then with fruits, grains, and vegetables symbolizes a bountiful harvest — or to put it simply, prosperity and abundance.

In the past, people used a real goat’s horn for their cornucopia. Today, people typically use a wicker basket in the shape of a horn. To get the look of a wicker basket for our cornucopia treat cones, we used cane webbing with small open weaves.

Along with our template for these cornucopia treat cones, we have included the pattern for a paper liner. To complement our color scheme, we chose a metallic rose gold shade. Feel free to pick whatever color of paper goes with the rest of your table decor! Of course I also had to add a pretty little ribbon to the outside of each cone and tie it up like a present.

Once you’re done crafting your cornucopia treat cones, you can fill them with some yummy treats! I added pecans and almonds to mine. But you could also fill yours with small fruits and veggies, like grapes or cherry tomatoes. Or maybe you want to make it more of a dessert cornucopia and fill it with tasty candies and chocolates. Either way, we’re sure your friends and family will love their handmade cornucopia treat cones!

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How to Make Cornucopia Treat Cones

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the cornucopia pattern below.
  2. Cut out the pattern using your cutting machine or scissors and trace pattern onto your cane webbing.
  3. Use your scissors to cut the pattern out from your cane webbing.
  4. Spray cane with water using a spray bottle (dampening the cane will make it easier to roll into a cone shape).

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Photo tutorial for cornucopia treat cones by Lia Griffith

small cornucopia treat cones
Thanksgiving tablescape with cornucopia treat cone
handmade cornucopia treat cone for your Thanksgiving table
Thanksgiving place setting with DIY cornucopia treat cone
cornucopia treat cone for Thanksgiving dinner
handmade cornucopia treat cones

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