We love designing new flowers for you all to craft! Though our flower collection is vast, we’re always happy to watch it grow. These Cardstock Oleander Flowers are brand new to Lia Griffith, and they are breathtaking. I just know you’re going to love the way they turn out.  

Due to its many small pieces, we’re classifying this oleander as an advanced craft. This is the perfect project for our intermediate crafters who are ready to take on a new challenge. Needle-nose tweezers are going to be a lifesaver while making this flower, so make sure you have them on hand. To get started, scroll down to our tutorial below. 

Oh! Oleander

The Oleander is a Mediterranean shrub that develops yellow, white, pink, light orange, and red flowers. You’re welcome to add some color to your arrangement, but we just loved the elegant look of these white blossoms. Oleander is generally used in decorative or ornamental gardening and is highly toxic to both animals and humans. This cardstock oleander is a great way to safely bring this flower into your home without risk to your little ones or fur babies. 

This project requires quite a few skills to get just right, so be patient with yourself and take your time! When you’re all finished, we’d love to see how your oleander turned out. Please remember to show us photos of how you styled it. Post to Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWihLia, or in our crafters’ community. 

Skill Level: Advanced