This beginner-level craft is a great way to decorate your home without getting bogged down by complicated details. For this project, our video tutorial will walk you through the trickier bits step-by-step, so there’s never been a better time to try something new! Just take a look at our tools and materials, then meet us in the tutorial to get started on your Cardstock Rose Hips. 

In case you’re unfamiliar, rosehips have been the rockstars of the herbal world for centuries. Due to their impressive health benefits, you’ve likely encountered them before. Jams, tea, soap, you name it — rosehip can do it. So, while they’re certainly lovely to look at – they are so much more than a pretty face.  

To give our Cardstock Rose Hips a robust glow, we colored our 20mm cotton spun eggs in shades of Permanent Red, Pearlescent Orange, and Hansa Yellow Panpastel. After you cut out your leaf pattern (by hand or with a cutting machine), we’ll show you how easily these gorgeous sprays come together in our video tutorial. 

Once you’ve finished your Cardstock Rosehip Spray, place it on your mantle for a bold yet delicate statement piece or at the center of your dining room table for a unique and elegant look. 

However you choose to style this piece, we’d love to see it in action. So be sure to snap a pic and share it with our crafting community, or give us a shout out on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia — you never know who you’ll inspire.