Due to some of the techniques used in this project, we consider this an advanced-level craft. However, we encourage you to give it a try if you’re a bit newer to some of these skills. Crafting takes bravery, but we’re here to support you! When you’re ready, gather your materials and prepare to amaze yourself!

Tuberoses, with their sweet fragrance and snow-white blossoms, perfectly capture the magic and mystery of winter. Interestingly, tuberoses were once believed to ward off evil spirits. Today, they’re mostly grown as ornamental flowers, and you may catch a whiff from time to time as their extracts are used as notes in perfume. 

Though our Cardstock Tuberose Flowers may lack that signature scent, we think we nailed the look! Our design features a mix of closed buds and open blooms to achieve a more realistic look. We know the tuberose’s delicate blossoms may seem challenging, but don’t worry! With a bit of patience, we’ll help you master the art of shaping these intricate petals in our step-by-step tutorial.

Once complete, I envision these cardstock tuberose flowers adorning your holiday table or nestled in a bouquet of other bold winter flowers. Truthfully, with their delicate white blooms, the style potential for these flowers is endless. As always, we love seeing your crafting triumphs. Share your Cardstock Tuberose Flowers with us on Instagram with hashtag #MadeWithLia or in our crafters’ community.