We love finding new ways to create celestial decor. This chipboard macrame moon and stars is an easy DIY craft and a great project for kids too. Not only does it make cute decor for a kid’s room, but you could also craft it for a nursery.

To guide you through this project, we have created a video tutorial for you to follow along with below.

chipboard moon and star macrame

Hang the moon and the stars

Because we are using chipboard, which is a bit of a thicker material, we recommend using a cutting machine for your chipboard moon and stars. So if your kiddos are working on this, you’ll want to get the shapes cut out for them first. And then they can do the rest on their own.

We wanted to give our macrame moon and stars a natural, night-time look, but you can always color your chipboard with spray paint or use our pink or saffron macrame cord instead. Whatever you do, be sure to share it with us by posting photos to our Facebook page for members or tagging #MadeWithLia on Instagram.

Skill level: Beginner 

Crafting tips: If you would like to change the color of the chipboard, we would recommend using a couple light coats of spray paint. It would be fun to use a metallic color, like silver or gold!



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