Burning palo santo sticks has become more popular recently, but this smudging ritual is actually a sacred practice that has been used for centuries by Indigenous communities. The purpose is to clear negative energy, attract positive energy, and restore peace. Once you have blown out the flame, you will need a place for your stick to rest and continue burning. This is where our clay palo santo dish comes in.

Along with the clay dish tutorial, we have designed some pretty matchbox covers for you to use. Just print onto full sheet label paper and wrap them around your matchboxes. 

handmade clay palo santo dish

Stick to DIY

There are a lot of beautiful dishes you can buy online, but we like to make things on our own if we can — and then show you how to do the same! Just follow our photo tutorial below to learn how to make your own clay palo santo dish.

Skill level: Although we have a tutorial to guide you, there is no template to follow and you will have to free form the shape with your hands. This can take a bit of practice. As a result, we are calling this an intermediate project.

Crafting tips: If your clay begins to dry out while working with it, add some water to the surface of the clay. You may use your fingers instead of a sponge to smooth any areas that are tight. Before allowing the dish to dry fully, check that your dish is a good size and that the rest is in the correct spot by carefully placing a piece of palo santo in the dish.

Once your dish is dry, you will splatter it with paint. To get a nice splatter, grab a second paintbrush and hold it horizontal. Tap the paintbrush you are painting with on the other paintbrush over the dish you are splattering to get a nice and consistent splatter. 

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Materials for Matchboxes

How to Make a Clay Palo Santo Dish

  1. Gather the craft tools and materials you need from the list above.
  2. Roll some of your air-hardening modeling clay into a 2.5” ball.
  3. Using a damp sponge and your fingers, press into the ball to begin forming your dish.
  4. Keeping the clay damp while you are working, use your fingers to bring the edges up.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

air-dry clay palo santo dish tutorial by Lia Griffith

palo santo stick DIY clay dish clay palo santo dish DIY palo santo dish palo santo dish

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