Coffee_Filter_Jumbo_FlowersThis project is such a fun one to do, who knew jumbo coffee filters could be so beautiful?! The texture and weight of a jumbo coffee filter is perfect for making over-sized flowers and by dying them in different colors it’s possible to make something that really catches the eye. Handcrafted wedding decor as well as baby shower and party decor is all the rage right now and we are all over it – what better way to stamp your personality onto the day than by making as many of the accessories and decorations as you can. Our coffee filter flower backdrop makes the perfect background to your event photographs, top table or dance floor and can be dyed to match your wedding flowers or decor accents – perfect!

To create these beautiful over-sized blooms I started with a box of 15 inch jumbo coffee/tea filters using 47 filters for each flower. I then mixed food coloring to  in water in a large baking tin to get my desired colors. I loved experimenting with creating bright ombré blooms as you can see in the photo below. For those I dipped the stacks of 10 half way into one color, then the other side into another color. The naturally blended and made a gorgeous bloom. For my backdrop I wanted a pale pink and yellow look so I simply dipped stacks of 10 into one color, twisted the excess water out and hung on a line to dry. The filters do peel apart easily once dry. This process gives the filters a lovely crinkle that is beautiful when dry so don’t be afraid to wring it hard. Once the coffee filters are dry you can peel the filters apart and begin assembling your blooms by following the tutorial below. Have fun and enjoy! ~ Lia

Ombre_Coffee_Filter_FlowersCoffee_Filter_Flower_Wall Coffee_Filter_Blooms CoffeeFilterFlowersTutorial