SmallTeamPhoto(August 31, 2015) I wish all of you could peek into our bustling studio to see us as we develop, design, make, photograph and repeat. You would hear a lot of laughter and sounds of delight because our studio is a happy place to be. Happiness. Joy. Delight. These are what creativity brings to so many of us. This has become clear to me as I read all of your comments both on this site and across social media. I read messages expressing moments of visual joy or heart touching letters of life changing experiences as people reconnect with their creative spirit.

Even when I began this journey a few years ago, my direction and mission were very clear. I formed this statement to be the corner stone of my business and to guide me in my choices as opportunities (and distractions) arrived. My mission statement is simply “Inspire, Teach and Reignite Creativity” and this is what I am here to do. I am clear about that.

As I noted in my last confessions post, I have been so blessed to be able to grow my vision and bring in a team to support this mission. We are all invested in forming this beautiful creative community that includes all of you. Here is where we have been struggling these last few months. Stay with me as it loops around a bit. Here it goes:

I’ve always dreamed of owning a creative company that employs talented, lovely people who together can create something bigger than what I could flying solo. I’m now on that path and it is so right, and so beautiful, and extremely inspiring all in one scoop. In order to be a sustainable business we have taken on advertising and sponsored posts as well as licensing out our designs. This is sometimes a good thing, but too often not so much. The truth is, I don’t want to build my business as a mouth piece for brands and businesses who see me as a channel to you. That just seems wrong. A perfect example of is that last week we excused ourselves from promoting one of the largest craft brands after working with them for over a year. We found that we didn’t love their products and to tell you we did would be a blatant lie! That is not part of our mission statement.

Okay, I am taking a deep breath here. . . You all have gotten to know as the freebie site. Sadly, I am not able to continue down that path and stay true to my dream. We are adding a low-cost membership program– see here for prices and more details. For the price of a couple fancy coffees, or a cocktail or even a few 6-packs of diet soda (whatever your personal preference) you can join us in growing the creative community. The membership includes all of our downloads plus a minimum of 30 new downloads a month. As always our inspiration, tutorials and videos will remain open to all, member or not. In the big picture, this new direction will enable us to increase our posts, expand crafts, create more video tutorials and, most of all, solidify our dedication to you, our creative community. I am telling you. . . we have some amazing projects on the way! Hugs! ~ Lia