Lia Griffith Painting(May 8, 2014) Confessions! That is a compelling headline, right? Being a professional blogger and how we make a living is a mystery to many. For me as a new blogger the answer is like most other new businesses. I work really, really hard. Right now I am either designing, managing back end, or crafting between 14-16 hour days and usually weekend. Yes, it is a tad exhausting, but I love what I do and you and your lovely blog comments and emails keep me focused on why I am building this business. Good news! I just hired my first design intern and I am so excited to ramp it up a notch with her fresh talent.

Here is my big confessions in photo form. This is too often what my studio looks like. The before is after I returning from shooting video tutorials in San Francisco with Creativebug and the after is yesterday as I styled the studio for the Mollie Makes article photo shoot. Yes, I can be neat and organized. . . but not all of the time! Hugs to you all and I am off to work in my newly cleaned office. ~ Lia (Painting of me by Lars Justinen).

DIY Studio Before Lia Griffith Studio