Hello friends! We just had our 4th anniversary here at LG. It seems as though this four year mark gave us an opportunity to pause, look back at the company we have created and fine tune the direction we are planning to go. I want to start with a video we made that best tells the story. Take a look:

Honestly. . . I get a little teary every time I watch that video. There is so much sweet emotion there for me.

I began this “confessions” series as a solo blogger shortly after I started my site four years ago. I am so proud to say that I am now a team of eleven with two amazing freelancers who add their talents to our core team. You can get to know a bit more about everyone here on our About Us page. I am trying to think of the words to best describe the vibe and energy of our team. . . we are a family. This office is a bright and energetically peaceful place. We support each other, cheer for each other, simply love each other and are dedicated to make our site the hub of something so delightful, that it is energetically passed on to all of you.

A few months ago the team and I sat down to talk about the WHY. Why do we do what we do? The simple answer. . . because everyone can be creative. That became our site tagline. But then there is more. Our why is NOT that simple! Though we felt our tagline was a good start, we wanted to go deeper. It was a fun process to hear everyone’s individual reasons and to bring them together into what is a poetic manifesto.  Together we wrote this: It was after writing this manifesto that we decided to capture some of the company soul, my soul, on video in an interview form. Emily and Matthew prepared a list of questions they felt would tell the story and while Emily and I talked in depth, Matthew and Thom captured the two hours of conversation. In addition to what you see in the video, we talked about the process of creativity, the challenges and delights of being a woman leader, and we dove deep into why I believe creativity is one of the tools to rebuild self esteem in human beings and specifically women. We talked about my own journey of finding my self esteem and the compassion I have found through it. There were a few tears shed, a lot of joy captured and at the end of the video filming I knew to my core that my growing company’s purpose is to bless this world with joy and share the gift of creativity. 

We are rolling out some new features on our site and there are more exciting and good things to come in the next few months. I am so excited about them I am having a difficult time holding back. . . and I will keep you posted along the way! Hugs ~ Lia