Copper Wire LetteringThis is one of those DIY projects where you really get to work with your hands to create something beautiful. Plus you only need one material! You may have noticed how much we have loved copper wire projects lately, and here is a brand new way to use this hardware store gem. Copper wire lettering! Create cute words to dress up your potted plants, craft up some custom wall hangings or bend yourself a gorgeous cake topper.

Copper wire comes in many different sizes, so choose which look you like best. We specifically used 20 gauge copper from Amazon – you can find the link in Shop this Project. There are no printable instructions for this because the project is pretty straightforward, but I will give you some of my top tips. First, it is best to keep the wire flat on your table (or whatever surface you are working on) as you bend. That way the finished copper wire lettering will be straight instead of crooked. While you have the wire laying flat, make sure it is directly over the template so you can keep the spacing between the letters consistent.

We bent the wire with our hands, but then used pliers for certain finishing touches to make the copper wire lettering look as professional as possible. I would recommend specifically using round nose pliers. For letters like the o and the c, we used the pliers to flatten the overlapping wires against each other. To stick the words into a plant or to use as a cake topper, be sure to make stakes with the wire. You can even make your own paper plants for a real DIY adventure! If you would like to create a wall hanging, you can simply leave the stakes out.

I hope you enjoy this fun DIY! To craft these with us, take a look at our membership options on our membership page. Share your copper wire lettering photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #DIYDreamingWithLia. We love seeing your work! Cheers ~ Lia and the Team

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