copper wire mother's day wordsWord to Your Mother

Dazzle your mom with these cute copper Mother’s Day words. The best thing about this project? You only need one material! Plus these words are so versatile. Use them to spruce up your potted plants, craft adorable wall hangings or top your Mother’s Day cake. There are possibilities galore! To get started just follow along with our simple template below. 

Watch our video on “How to Make DIY Wired Words” for some extra tips before you get started. You’ll find it in the post below.

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Generally the thinner the wire, the more easy it will be to bend it. We usually use copper wire, which you can find at your local hardware store or online, but you can also use silver or gold wires instead. To get started, download the PDF below with the template for the words mama, mom, and love. Once you have your materials ready, watch the video below to learn how to bend wire into letters! Some of our main tips for making wire words are: 

  • Use a template for consistency
    There is no need to free-hand your words! If you do, they might end up looking jumbled or the letters may have awkward spacing between them. You want your words to look as cohesive as possible, especially if you are making a set. Pick out a script font that you love, or use our PDF template below.
  • Try to keep the wire as flat as possible against your surface
    While you are bending the wire, lay it flat against your table, directly on top of your template. It will make it much easier to bend the wire so that it is straight and even. 
  • Use pliers to help with tight corners and curves 
    Create pointier angles, like for the top of the S, by using a pair of pliers, as shown in the video. For letters that overlap, like the L’s, use the pliers to flatten the wires against each other. 
  • Take it slowly and practice as much as you need! 
    This is supposed to be fun and you don’t have to feel like a master at this on your first try! There is no rush, so go as slowly as you need and consider practicing with a few individual wire letters before crafting an entire word.

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