Some say a messy room is a sign of creativity. But we think it’s much easier to create when your space is clean and your tools and materials are organized. Plus, it saves you time when you can find what you need for your craft project right away. We recently finished creating our ideal craft room and organizing it the way we want—thanks to our friends at Stamp-n-Storage. If you need craft room storage ideas and inspiration, make sure to check out all our photos below!

Our new craft room isn’t huge. So we used Stamp-n-Storage products to maximize our space, keep certain craft tools visible, and make sure all of our materials are tucked away—while still being easy to access. Even though our new room is smaller than our old one, we think having the right craft room storage in this space makes it feel a lot bigger! Scroll down to see which products we used to organize our craft room and transform it into a space we love.

Creating Our Dream Craft Room

Moving to our new space in NE Portland has given us plenty of opportunities to refresh our rooms. It’s also given us the chance to make sure the crafting tools and materials we use daily are exactly where we want them. Getting rid of things we don’t use—and using only the products we love—makes us feel happy and creative. With Stamp-n-Storage, we can now neatly arrange (and showcase!) our ribbons, markers, pastels, punches, and more.

Also, all Stamp-n-Storage products are built in the USA from Baltic Birch Plywood, which is absolutely beautiful and smells great! In addition to using their craft room storage options to keep everything organized, they also give our craft room a cleaner, simpler look.

See the Stamp-n-Storage Products We Used to Organize Our Craft Room

While Stamp-n-Storage has a lot of great craft room storage options to choose from, they can also do custom orders! We love all of the storage products listed above, but we’re especially excited about our custom-made Vinyl Roll Storage Cabinet. This cabinet beautifully displays our vinyl. And it keeps all of our different options within reach. This is especially helpful since we use our Cricut a lot to create different vinyl decals. Adding a rolling base to storage units also makes them easier to move around.

Our new organizational cabinets and shelves help keep the craft room from getting cluttered, which makes our DIY process go faster. And considering how much paper we use for our DIY projects, being able to neatly separate everything by color and size makes a huge difference. Organizing our paper in this way also makes it look beautiful!

Can you tell how excited we are about our new craft room? If you saw our reveal last Thursday during our Facebook and Instagram Live, let us know what you thought!

Stamp-n-Storage paper holders in organizational unit

Papers organized by color in paper holders from Stamp-n-Storage

Stamp-n-Storage punch rack for various Lia Griffith punches

Stamp-n-Storage custom-made vinyl roll storage cabinet with all of our vinyl

Ribbon shelf and stacked marker holder on top of drawer cabinet and three-tier paper holder from Stamp-n-Storage

Stamp-n-Storage drawer cabinet with pastels in shelf trays

Stamp-n-Storage ribbon shelf and stacked marker holder

Stamp-n-Storage drawer cabinet with pulled-out pastels and paper holder

Organizing vinyl, wood materials, punches, and paper with craft room storage ideas from Stamp-n-Storage

Stamp-n-Storage organizational units and shelves for vinyl, punches, wood tools, and paper