crepe and paper wheat

There's something undeniably calming about crafting greenery. Maybe it's the connection to nature or just the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. While paper flowers can be a big challenge with a gorgeous outcome — simple plants and greenery are a great way to up the ante on your decor with ease! This month, we're bringing a touch of golden elegance to your home with our Frosted and Crepe Paper Wheat project!

These beginner-friendly Frosted and Crepe Paper Wheat are the perfect no-fuss arrangement for your home. The best part? Crafting them is easier than you might think! While we used our cutting machine for this project, fear not! Grab your trusty craft scissors, and you'll be well on your way to creating these burnished beauties. Let’s get started!

For this project, we really wanted to highlight the natural beauty of the humble wheat stalk, so we paid extra-close attention to the details. For our Frosted and Crepe Paper Wheat, we chose our materials in shades of gold (there's never a bad time for a little shimmer, by the way.) And finally, to recreate the wheat plant’s spikelets, we took our fringed crepe paper and gave each fringe a gentle twist for added volume and texture. The result? Chic, but realistic-looking wheat to beautify your home!

After you're finished with your Frosted and Crepe Paper Wheat comes the best part – showing off your handiwork! We love the idea of arranging these stalks in a heavy vase, perched casually on an end table for a touch of understated elegance. Or, looking for something a bit more wild and rustic? Check out our Midwestern Floral Bouquet for more inspiration!

We can't wait to see what you make! So, don't forget to share your bountiful creations with us in our crafters' community or with #MadeWithLia on Instagram!

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