bottle brush crepe paper treesThese Trees Are a Breeze!

Stir up some woodland magic with our DIY bottle brush crepe paper trees. Designer Meagan came up with this concept and we couldn’t get enough of it! They’re so much fun to make… try them in every color and size that you can. We used extra fine crepe in Blush, Silver, Gold, Cypress, and Pine from our online shop. Get creative with even more of a variety in colors! Simply gather the supplies listed below and craft along with our simple step-by-step photo tutorial. Whimsical woodland wonderment awaits…

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  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Using scissors, cut a piece of crepe according to the template notes.
  3. Fold a 25″ piece of wire in half, then attach a popsicle stick to each end by wrapping the wire around it.
  4. Unfold the fringed crepe and place all six pieces in between the two wires with the fringe on either side.
  5. Twist the popsicle sticks in opposite directions to begin twisting the crepe.
  6. Continue twisting.
  7. Cut off the popsicle sticks and fluff up the crepe paper.
  8. Stick the wire into the cork.
  9. Trim the crepe tree into shape.

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