Boxwood Topiaries


We use foam for a variety of projects, but we especially love using them for paper botanicals like our Potted Plant Series. When Floracraft® challenged us to make a project with foam balls, we knew exactly what to do! Plus it was a great opportunity to showcase our double sided crepe paper in all its glory. We came up with these gorgeous DIY boxwood topiaries for your home or party decor. 

Foam is a wonderful material for making paper botanicals because you have the option of either hot gluing directly onto the foam or easily sticking floral wire into the foam. For these boxwood topiaries we decided to glue the leaves directly onto the foam. Download and print the PDF template below and use it as a guide for cutting leaves out of our extra fine crepe in Ferns & Moss and Cypress & Green Tea. The other main component of this project is Floracraft® Make It:Fun® Foam Balls. The rest of the materials include a painted terra cotta pot, plaster of paris, dried moss and a quarter-inch wooden dowel. You should be able to pick up all these items at your local craft store.

We used 4-inch foam balls for the two-tiered topiary, and we made the single topiary using a 5-inch ball. Feel free to play around with different foam sizes for this project. Start by mixing your plaster of paris in a disposable container. Before pouring the mixture into the terra cotta pot, make sure that you cover the hole at the bottom of the pot. Otherwise, your plaster mixture will drain out of the hole and make a total mess! We stuck a piece of duct tape on the bottom of the pot and poured our mixture in. After you pour in your mixture, stick the dowel into the middle of the pot so that the plaster can dry around it. We painted our dowel with some green acrylic paint so that it would blend into the topiary, but this step is optional. Next, leave the plaster to dry for a couple of hours. 

While your plaster is drying, you can begin cutting your leaves. We used close to two double sided 2-packs to cover our three balls. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below for visual instructions while you craft your boxwood topiaries! Once you finish your topiaries, use them to style your home or special events. They look wonderful as a centerpiece for a table, decorating a mantel or accenting a bookshelf or side table. And because they are green, they fit with any seasonal home decor! Head over to our paper botanical projects to see similar projects you can make, or browse our shop to get some for yourself. Enjoy! ~ Lia 

Boxwood TopiariesCrepe Paper Boxwood TopiariesBoxwood TopiariesBoxwood TopiariesCrepeTopiary4Tutorial_BoxwoodTopiary