We used three colors of crepe to create the husks: our buttery Chiffon, Fern, and our darker Juniper. You could also try the double sided green paper if you want to play around with it. Along with the crepe, you’ll need cellophane bags for the popcorn and some ribbon or twine to tie them off. Once you have your materials ready, you can start popping your corn! Next, fill your cellophane tubes and secure them at the top with your string. There is no template to go along with this project because we actually free-handed our husk. The strips that make up the husk are 3 inches wide, and we cut them into a pointy tip. Each crepe paper corn husk treat has three strips of Cypress, two strips of Green Tea and two strips of Chiffon. 

Before assembling the husk, we also cut about a 10 x 10 inch square of Chiffon. You should use this to wrap around your popcorn. Rotate the square and place the tube of popcorn vertically in the middle of the Chiffon diamond. Wrap the Chiffon paper around the popcorn like a cone – you can use hot glue here to secure. Now you can add your husk strips, gluing as you go. Tie some string around the bottom and voila! Crepe paper corn husks ready for your hungry guests! 


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