You’ll notice a common theme this month that revolves around the mystical and magical. Since we have crafted a few dragon-related projects, we had to include this plant for its name alone! Designed by Meagan, our crepe paper dragon tree plant is simple to cut by hand and easy to assemble.

It’s also a good one to make if you have any pets since the real plant is toxic to both cats and dogs. Just check out our tools and materials list below, then download our template and tutorial to start crafting.

crepe paper dragon tree plant

Don’t get stumped

Known for its scaly trunk and long, narrow leaves that form an umbrella-like shape, this little plant makes such interesting decor for your home or an office. The leaves also have a beautiful shine to them, which you can achieve with a bit of mod podge.

When you’re ready to make this crepe paper dragon tree plant, just follow our tutorial below. Although this is an easy one to make, we are here to help if you have any questions! 

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting tip: You can make your tree as large as you like by adding more trunks. Each trunk has 3 groups of leaves. Add on as many of these groups as you like, or attach extra stem wires to make your tree taller.

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How to Make a Crepe Paper Dragon Tree Plant

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the template below.
  2. Cut crepe paper leaves according to template using scissors or a cutting machine.
  3. Use a paint brush to apply mod podge to both sides of each leaf; do not apply to the bottom 1/2″ of the leaves.
  4. Use hot glue to attach 15 leaves around the thicker end of a thick stem wire.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

crepe paper dragon tree photo tutorial by Lia Griffith

crepe paper dragon tree

handmade crepe paper dragon tree
crepe paper dragon tree plant

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