crepe paper magnolia leaves


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Place interfacing between sheets of green and copper crepe and iron at a high temperature. This will create a piece of double sided crepe.
  3. Cut crepe in diagonal strips. The grain will run at about a 45 degree angle to the cut.
  4. Cut some strips with the grain running in the opposite direction.
  5. Cut leaves according to the template (seven leaves per branch).
  6. Apply a line of white glue along one leaf edge and place wire on top. Apply a tiny bit more glue on top of the wire and then place the edge of the second leaf half on top so that wire is sandwiched between.
  7. Create seven leaves and allow to dry.
  8. Use scissors to round the tip of the leaf and then wrap the stem with floral tape, about 1” down.
  9. Bend the tops of stems as shown and connect three leaves with floral tape.
  10. Continue wrapping tape down the stem, adding four more leaves.
  11. If making a larger branch, take a group of five pieces of wire and wrap them with floral tape.
  12. Use floral tape to connect the first group of leaves to this branch.
  13. Attach a second set of leaves to the branch.
  14. Bend and stretch the leaves to make them more realistic and to reveal the metallic underside.

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