After making a crepe paper swatch sheet and flower pattern labels for our Crepe Paper Flowers master class, we decided these printables would be useful for all of our members. So today we’re sharing them with you! 

We are also going to be doing a Facebook Live on our private page for members today at 11 am PST, which you can now view below. During this time we will chat with you about how to use these printables to help you keep track of your crepe paper colors and keep your flower projects nicely organized. We will also be sharing a sneak peek of the mini courses we’re working on for you and giving you a Craft Circle update!


Download the PDFs below. The crepe paper swatch includes three templates β€” one for extra-fine, one for heavy, and one for double-sided crepe paper.  Simply print and then cut a small square of each crepe paper color you have (or use your scraps!) and glue onto the swatch sheet. 

To edit the flower labels, download the font Lora. Once you’ve titled your flower labels with the name of the flower you’re working on, print them out and adhere them to individual bags or containers that will hold your flower pieces.