Paper Wildflower Wreath

Click here for our beginner’s guide on how to make crepe paper flowers.

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Tools & Materials



  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. 
  2. Print PDF template below and cut crepe paper according to pattern. Next, trim three 3.5-inch pieces of floral wire.
  3. Gently stretch the centers of the petals.
  4. Fold stamens in half and attach to floral wire by wrapping with floral tape. 
  5. Glue overlapping petals around the stamen centers and secure with floral tape.
  6. Create wreath form by bending a piece of wire in a 4.5-inch diameter circle. Cover wire by wrapping in floral tape.
  7. Twist each flower stem around wreath form, cover with floral tape and continue wrapping tape around the wreath. Cut and glue leaves of varying sizes around the wreath, covering glued ends with floral tape if needed. 


This is a fantastic flower for beginners wanting to try out paper flower making for the first time! For guidance on cutting and stretching crepe, we highly recommend watching our Crepe Paper 101 video for tips. When you download the template, you will see that there is only a pattern for the petals. But don’t worry, this is also the template for the leaves! They just happen to be the same shape. You are also welcome to free-hand your leaves to create different sizes. As we like to say, DIY wreaths are the ultimate personalization projects because you can create any type of arrangement you want. We wanted to create a delicate little wreath that we could pair with our paper mache animal heads, but you can easily craft a larger statement piece by making the base of the wreath out of paper covered wire. 

Get Inspired!

We love this cute paper wildflower wreath for decor, but it is also perfect for making a pretty head wreath. Find our flower crown for more head wreath inspiration, or browse all of our crepe paper flower tutorials to design your own. Share your project photos with us on Instagram using #DIYDreamingWithLia, we love celebrating your crafty successes! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily inspiration, or tell us your project suggestions in the comments section. Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team

Crepe Wildflower Wreath Mini Crepe Paper Flowers Mini Wildflower Wreath