CanistersI wanted to create a collection of personalized containers as part of my kitchen restyle (link) this week. It’s one of seventeen projects I created using my Cricut Explore for the Design Space Star competition and one I am super happy with.

These patterns use elements from the design I used for the Scandinavian apron (link) which helps create a cohesive kitchen collection that really stands out. Again, we have taken our inspiration from nature, from my Scandinavian roots and my love of the Pacific Northwest. The Cricut Explore is perfect for this project as there are tiny details in the design that will prove tricky to hand cut.

We alternated our color palette so if you want to do that to, remember to follow this process twice for each container. After sizing and cutting the design into your vinyl, pick out the pieces you don’t need using your weeder or scraping tool. Peel away the sticky side of your transfer sheet and carefully place it onto you text design. Rub it well to make sure it’s firmly stuck then lift up the transfer sheet – your vinyl design will now be on the transfer paper.

Carefully line up your design on the container, we lay our container down on it’s side for this part and used the grid on the transfer sheet for accuracy. Rub the transfer on, making sure you pay attention to all the edges – your thumbs and fingers are the best tool to use here! Work your way around the container until you get back to where you started.

Peel off the transfer paper and repeat the entire process with the other pattern in a different color if you chose to do so. Make sure to position the transfer in such a way as to fit in between the existing shapes. Now fill with tea, coffee or any other product that needs a new home! Your containers will last a lifetime if you keep them well away from the dishwasher and clean of dirt and dust with a soft cloth by hand. You can find the SVG file in Design Space Star by clicking here, or download below. Enjoy ~LiaSave