Kids_DIY_Easter_eggsWe have a blast coming up with Easter crafts for kids. There’s always a lot of ‘oohing’ and ‘aaahing’ involved in design meetings and when our designer Krista came up with these little fellas we considered adding a “cute overload” warning to the post :-). We each have our favorite (mine’s the little lamb – just look at his face!) but you have to admit that they make a great little DIY Easter set.

Decorate your own Easter egg by hollowing out 4 raw eggs or you can buy a set of hollow eggs at your craft store. To hollow your own you can do this by making a small hole at the bottom of a raw egg with a needle. Then make a larger hole at the top of the egg. Break the yolk with the tip of the needle then blow firmly into the small hole while holding your egg over a container. The raw egg with drip out of the larger hole as you blow. We then painted our egg shells using craft paint and attached the card details using our low-temp hot glue gun. You can use either black paint or a fine sharpie marker to add the eyes, noses and mouths. The polka dot card stock make a great grass holder for your cute little eggs. Simple! We’ve added the SVG cut file for those with a cutting machine and a PDF containing all the templates if you plan on making this set by hand.

Check back daily for more Easter crafts for kids and grown ups over the next few weeks – with less than a month to go we have a lot more projects up our crafty sleeves. Enjoy! ~ Lia

DIY_Easter_Bunny_Egg DIY_Easter_Egg_Chick DIY_Easter_Egg_Duck DIY_Easter_Egg_LambDIY_Animal_Easter_Eggs