Manzanita_White_BranchMany of you have commented on the white branch that I have hanging on my living room wall. Yes, I am a bit of a Lord of the Rings fan and perhaps the white tree of Gondor inspired me to hang a small one on my wall. I found the original manzanita branch at a floral wholesale house a few years ago. The wood is smooth and dark reddish brown and looks very pretty as is. I am sure you can ask your local florist to find you a branch at their wholesale house, or look in shops that carry interesting wood pieces. You might also find one out in the woods. We have many growing in the high desert of Southern Oregon.

Though the branch was beautiful in its natural state, I knew I wanted a more subtle look of white for my light walls. I simply used a can of white spray paint to transform the look. It takes a bit of time to paint the tiny twigs and branches, so if you are making yourself a white tree, give yourself enough time to paint all angles and in several sessions.

For Halloween we bought another branch and painted it orange. This branch did show up in many of the Halloween posts as it gave us a fun color pop. Now that Halloween is over, the branch is being transformed to white where it will be showcased in Anna’s (our project manager) living room.

You can see in the photos below all of the different ways I have used the white manzanita branch to style shoots. I like it where it lives, on my wall, but if I were an interior decorator I would place one in every home I decorated. There is something nice about having a little styled nature in your living space, don’t you think? Cheers! ~ Lia

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