Paper_Bird_CagesOur little paper bird cages are the perfect DIY for Fall home decor. Made from a dark teal and gold metallic paper, these little 3D paper decorations are simple to make at home. If you have a cutting machine, simply click on the SVG file below then print and cut on your machine. You can size to fit your papers. If you want to cut by hand, you can download the PDF below and print the template onto your paper. The patterns are ready to print onto 8.5×11 and 11x 17 paper. Trim the pattern using a sharp craft knife then assemble the paper bird cage using glue. For our bird cages we used a text weight metallic paper, but a card stock would work well too. Just make sure you score your corners well.

The little loops on the top make these paper decorations perfect for hanging on a tree during the holidays. Or you can sit them on the mantle with a cute little bird like we have here. We would love to see what you choose to do with your paper bird cages. Send us a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the tag @liagriffith and we will share our favorites! Enjoy! ~ Lia