DIY Cat Bed

Crafting your Cat Bed

This DIY cat bed uses the same easy technique as our cotton clothesline baskets. Use the photo tutorial from that post for reference, or watch our full video tutorial below! Shaping the bed is very simple to do with your hands as you run the clothesline through the sewing machine, and adding the kitty ear handles is easier than you might think.

As you will see in the video, the base of the cat bed is 16 inches wide. If you run out of your first length of clothesline as you coil, it is really easy to continue sewing the bed with a new piece of clothesline. The cushion inside the bed is very basic, and you can make it with any soft fabric. Start by measuring the stuffing for the cushion – we sewed together 8 layers of batting with a zig-zag stitch around the edge. Sew together a cushion cover in the same size, and leave a small opening to add in the batting after you finish sewing.

Once you finish your cat bed and cushion, you have the option to paint a sweet kitty face on the outside of the bed. We recommend drawing an outline before adding any paint. Use a water soluble fabric pen to draw two circles for the eyes, a heart for the nose plus a mouth and whiskers. Then, go over it with black acrylic paint. Simple! Just make sure to let the paint absorb into the clothesline as you apply it.

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Cotton Clothesline | Quilt Batting





  • 7/32 inch Cotton Clothesline
  • White Thread
  • Fabric of your choice (for the cushion)
  • Quilt Batting
  • Black Craft Paint