Crepe_Paper_Clementines_DIYIt’s cold, wet and grey here in Portland…… but we’re still smiling because it’s citrus season and our local grocery stores are full of brightly colored lemons, limes, clementines and grapefruits so for that reason alone we are happy! Our DIY crepe paper clementines are a nod to this wonderfully fresh fruit and add a touch of vibrant cheer to our home decor. Made using a bright orange crepe paper, our DIY version is simple to make and they look great in a bowl on the kitchen table or as part of a larger handmade centerpiece. You can even add a couple drops of citrus essential oil to the paper fruits if you love that fresh citrus smell.

To make these crepe paper clementine, begin by downloading the materials list and instructions below. Use sharp, clean scissors to cut the pattern out on your crepe paper, then follow our step-by-step tutorial below to assemble your paper fruits. We like to use a low temperature glue gun to assemble our paper projects – they are SO easy to use – but you can use craft glue if you prefer.

If you are a big fan of paper craft, take a look at our paper flower patterns and tutorials here. You can also find hundreds of SVG cut files to download, and a whole heap of fun gift wrapping ideas. And be sure not to miss any projects from the Lia Griffith studio, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’ll see you there! ~ LiaPaper_Clementine_Fruit Crepe_Paper_Clementines DIY_Paper_Clementines Crepe_Clementine_TutorialShopThisProject USETHISONE!Natural Wrapped Wire | Foam Eggs and Balls | Low Temperature Glue Gun |