Decorative Wall Panels

We were browsing our local West Elm recently and came across this amazing new product called Stikwood. The panels have an adhesive backing that makes it extremely easy for anyone to create a stylish and affordable wood wall without enlisting the help of a designer or contractor. Yes please! If you want to try out Stikwood paneling for yourself, you can use the coupon code LIAGRIFFITH15 for 15% off. 

Picking Your Panels

We often call on natural elements that can reflect a Pacific Northwest style for our interior decor. With a rustic Scandinavian vision that could match our white wood fireplace in mind, we picked out the Reclaimed Weathered Wood White panels. Stikwood offers lots of different finishes of their panels, so find one that speaks to you! It’s best to start by deciding where you would want to add decorative wall panels in your home. You can create a pretty backsplash for your kitchen or even a DIY art piece for your living room. We chose to make an accent wall for the studio, as the material is particularly great for adding texture to any room. 

Applying Your Panels

Once you pick your panels, decide how you want to arrange them. You will want to use a variety of Stikwood sizes (panels come between 1 and 4 feet long) to build an organic arrangement. Generally you should make sure not to line up the panels vertically or else the finished paneling will look too contrived. Otherwise, place the panels randomly! If you end up with panels that are too long for certain areas, you can always cut them down to customize the size – they are super lightweight, so they are easy to work with. Applying them to your wall is as easy as peeling away the adhesive strips and sticking the panels to your wall. If you need to rearrange or straighten a panel, we didn’t have any trouble gently removing the wood and repositioning.

Now Step Back and Admire!

After applying the panels, the end result was a gorgeous backdrop for our daily photography sessions. Watch our video below to see for yourself! With four of us putting up the panels, it took us less than an hour to bring our accent wall to life. That’s it! This project was something that completely transformed our space, and we can’t wait to see how it will inspire us further. If you are looking for ways to decorate your room after adding the paneling, browse our DIY home decor projects for ideas, or order your own Stikwood paneling at 15% off using the coupon code LIAGRIFFITH15. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily doses of DIY, or head over to our membership page to start your maker’s adventure with us. We love including you in the creative process, so be sure to add your feedback or project requests in the comments below! See you soon ~ Lia & Team