Dip Painted Garden ToolsDip Painted Garden ToolsTea Painted Garden ToolsToday I am going to show you how to make a set of dip painted garden tools with a matching watering can and tool box. I grew up in family of six crafters, makers, artists and growers. My parents always kept a large lush garden including fruit trees and berry bushes. I can still see my mom in the kitchen in the hot late-summer afternoons. The stove’s heat would be making the kitchen almost unbearable as she canned tomatoes and fruit and made homemade jam and grape juice that we would enjoy for the next year. This was such a sweet childhood memory and I am smiling as I type. But here is the funny thing. . . I have yet to grow my own garden. I have yet to can a jar of anything. The other sisters took on that skill but this sister is a bit of a city mouse, yes I am. The day has come that this mouse is ready for a little bit of country. Now that I have a wonderful space to grow a garden, you all get to come along with me on my adventure in learning to garden! Please, send suggestions and comments my way because I am all ears. These next few weeks I will be planting starts for tomatoes, fresh herbs and some other favorite veggies, and my dad will be popping by soon to give me some hands-on coaching.

DIY Painted Garden ToolsSince I am the newbie here, I have been stocking up on my gardening tools. I found these beautiful stainless steel and wooden handle tools at West Elm’s new Market shop. They are beautiful as they are, but I decided to add a little personal touch. I love the look of painted garden tools, so I was inspired to create my own! With Sherwin Williams Resilience paint in the color of Cooled Blue, I dipped the handles in this teal glossy paint. I painted my wooden tool box thrift store find in Sherwin Williams Mink, then the bottom stripe in the same teal color. Why stop there? How about a matching teal stripe on this cute galvanized watering can I found on Amazon? Here is my full tutorial below for the process of creating your own set of painted garden tools. My tools are ready for my intro to gardening! Cheers everyone! ~ Lia

Dip Painted Garden Tools Tutorial