Easter Place Cards There are many ways to incorporate elegant Easter eggs into your brunch table setting, and today we are showing you how to make gorgeous calligraphy eggs to use for DIY Easter place cards. Decorating Easter eggs is the most classic Easter activity, so feel free to get your kids in on this project too!


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Paint eggs with blue-green paint.
  3. Paint eggs one side at a time and set the painted eggs in an egg carton to dry. Apply a second coat if needed.
  4. Dip stencil brush in gold paint, hold in your hand and flick paint onto eggs using your thumb (see photo tutorial below).

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Refer to the photo tutorial below for a visual guide to these DIY Easter place cards!


To create the robin’s egg blue color, we actually mixed two colors of paint. Feel free to customize your Easter place cards with any color of paint that matches your specific decor – this simple project is super easy to personalize. When you are splattering the gold paint onto the eggs, it works best if your stencil brush is dry. If you are painting lots of eggs, you may want to wash and dry your brush halfway through.

If calligraphy seems a little daunting, not to worry. We actually teamed up with a local calligrapher whose work we love – check out HeyHalle to see more of Paige’s work! With her talents, she was able to hand letter everything, but of course you can write the names in any lettering of your own. We recommend using a fine point brush to paint the names with the gold paint. Or, you can simply use a gold leaf marker, which should be a bit easier. You are also welcome to write initials rather than full names to finish up the egg place cards more quickly.

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